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E10 longitudinal archive

This is the ARCHIVE folder that contains jpg files of EVERY SLICE of this specimen–there are no labels other than the specimen age, cutting plane, slice/section number, and scale.  You should be able to open these files with an image viewer and zoom to very high magnification so that cellular details can be studied.  The % given in some of the files is the reduced magnification when printed on standard sized paper (8.5X11 inches).  Full-sized files will print at 100% on standard paper.  File resolution is set to 300 dpi.  The word “sagittal” instead of “longitudinal” is in every file name because that was my original naming format.  The initial number in the file name gives the slice (zero numbers are slices that precede the first slice with definite brain tissue).  The last numbers refer to a slide number (e.g., 1, 2, 3…and so on) followed by a dash and the row number of the slice/section; sometimes there is a third number, and that gives the slice number in the row.  The thumbnails of each file load rather slowly because they are large enough to see details before one is chosen to download.  Downloading an entire folder will take some time, even with a rapid internet connection speed.