2 hr-survival after a single 3H-thymidine injection on E20 (posterior coronal)

Figure 113 is a posterior coronal slice through the olfactory peduncle in the same specimen pictured in Figure 112.  This slice contains the AOB in a prominent dorsal position, a small sliver of the MOB dorsomedially, possibly the diagonal band of Broca  and nucleus accumbens ventromedially, and the anterior olfactory nucleus laterally.  There is heavy label uptake in the olfactory NEP and SVZ, and in the olfactory and vomeronasal nerves.  Scattered labeled cells outside the NEP are establishing the rostral migratory stream that will be prominent long into postnatal life.  The layers of the MOB are like those in Figure 112. The cluster of AOB output neurons is clearly separating the internal and external plexiform layers.  The AOB granule cell layer is well defined.