Methacrylate-embedded E14 embryo (lateral sagittal)

Figure 19 is a lateral sagittal slice showing very little of the olfactory nerve contact zone.  However, the invaginated olfactory epithelium has a dense nerve accumulation outside it.  There are even more spindle-shaped migrating cells at the base of the ganglionic eminence, many of them may be migrating toward the future olfactory bulb.  More cells are outside the neocortical NEP in this slice because the cut is beginning to be tangential rather than perpendicular to the layers.

It is interesting to note that in all 3 sagittal slices, the spindle shaped migrating cells do not extend all the way to the future olfactory NEP but disappear in the region of the basal telencephalic NEP.  These neurons may turn to migrate medially or laterally outside the section plane—or the anterior migratory stream may stop here.  We will see what this looks like in later ages.