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Methacrylate-embedded E15 embryo (intermediate horizontal)

Figure 37 is an intermediate horizontal slice of the anterior forebrain in an E15 embryo that has many of the same features discussed in Figure 36.  Some notable differences:  the olfactory NEP is now thicker than the presumptive germinal source of the AOB output neurons.  That is because the slice cuts tangentially through the olfactory bulb NEP.  Migrating cells are not quite as prominent from the AOB NEP, but there are a few cells that may be migrating forward. (dashed line arrows).  The laterally migrating cells from the basal ganglionic NEPs are even more prominent than in Figure 36.  Spindle shaped cells invade the settling cells in the primary olfactory cortex and go all the way forward (solid-line arrows) and appear to mingle with the cells that are migrating into the bulb from the medial aspect.