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Methacrylate-embedded E16 embryo (intermediate 2 horizontal)

Figure 53 is a slice slightly below Figure 52 that cuts through the olfactory recess and the anterior horn of the lateral ventricle in the olfactory peduncle.  Many migrating mitral cells are in the olfactory bulb coming from both the lateral (curved solid-line arrows) and a presumed ventrolateral stream that goes to the medial side of the bulb beneath the olfactory NEP (dashed-line arrow).  The olfactory nerve layer is thicker medially than it is laterally—possibly an attraction for the mitral cells migrating toward it.  Many small cells are leaving the olfactory NEP (short-straight arrows) to establish an unidentified layer in the olfactory bulb—possibly the subventricular zone.  Farther back in the basal telencephalon, there are many migrating cells—presumably mitral cells heading toward the olfactory bulb.