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24 hr survival after a 3H-thymidine injection on E16 (posterior coronal)

Figure 62.  A posterior coronal slice through the olfactory peduncle that contains the MOB and the presumptive AOB in an E17 embryo that was killed 24 hrs after a single exposure to 3H-thymidine on E16.  Most cells in the parenchyma are unlabeled, the few labeled cells are most likely locally-multiplying glia.  Laminar definition in the parenchyma is nearly absent, but it is thicker dorsally.  That group of densely-packed unlabeled cells may be the settling output neurons of the AOB.  The olfactory nerve is full of labeled glial cells that sharply differentiate it from the unlabeled cells in the bulb parenchyma.  The olfactory epithelium and Jacobson’s organ are full of labeled cells, indicating active proliferation.