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2 hr survival after a 3H-thymidine injection on E17 (coronal)

Figure 64.  A coronal slice through the parenchyma of the olfactory bulb in the basal forebrain of an E17 embryo killed 2 hrs after exposure to 3H-thymidine.  Proliferating cells in the olfactory nerve surround the unlabeled differentiating neurons in the olfactory bulb.  Output neurons in the future AOB may be already settled in a dorsal clump but that cannot be separated from other cells.  These “other cells” are mostly migrating mitral cells preparing to settle in an as yet undefined mitral cell layer.  The heavy label uptake in the olfactory epithelium clearly defines two different cell groups, one at the superficial border and another adjacent to the lumen of the nasal cavity.  Many proliferating cells are scattered in the developing bones and other organs of the skull.