24 hr-survival after a single 3H-thymidine injection on E18 (posterior coronal)

Figure 94.  A posterior coronal slice through the olfactory peduncle that contains the AOB in a dorsal position, the MOB medially, and the presumptive AON laterally in an E19 embryo—the same specimen as Figure 93.  Most cells in the parenchyma are unlabeled, the few labeled cells are most likely locally-multiplying glia.  The AOB has a densely packed layer of output neurons, surrounded by loosely packed cells in the internal and external plexiform layers.  A small group of unlabeled cells outside the olfactory SVZ may be the granule cells.  In the MOB, the mitral cell layer has a ragged inner border with the internal plexiform layer. The olfactory nerve is full of labeled glial cells that sharply differentiate it from the fibers in the cell-sparse external plexiform layer.  The olfactory epithelium is full of labeled cells, some parts separated into superficial and deep proliferating populations.